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Oxford Global Language Solutions, a service from Oxford University Press, is at the forefront of language technology innovation, offering tailored solutions for your content and data requirements. Our lexical data experts work with you to understand your specific needs, in order to deliver a customized solution that helps power your business.

With successful partnerships with the world’s leading technology companies Oxford Global Language Solutions can support your projects, small or large, to ensure language and technology integrate seamlessly to enhance your product. In addition, our experienced and innovative team of language engineers can deliver flexible, bespoke solutions to meet individual customer requirements.

All of our lexical content is sourced from the most reputable content developers worldwide, and is validated by Oxford’s world renowned expertise in dictionary and language content creation, giving you the security of knowing that you’re getting content you can trust. In addition, all our off-the-shelf datasets are supplied in one consistent, well-formed, and tested data structure, which is applied to all the languages we offer, to streamline your engineering process. Alternatively, because our data model is highly customizable, it can be adapted to work with your specific technology.

So contact Oxford Global Language Solutions to discuss your language technology needs whatever they are – the more challenging the better – and benefit from our years of experience at the cutting edge where language and technology meet.

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We offer specialized solutions for a broad range of language technologies including search, information extraction, localization, machine translation, dictionary and translation look-up, R&D, and games.

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Our customer service does not end at the point of delivery. We offer a full post-delivery service, giving you access to our data engineers and language technologists to ensure that you are fully supported throughout your integration process.


We provide specialized solutions for a broad range of language technologies.Learn more

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