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There is a high demand for the service offered by Oxford Global Language Solutions. As a worldwide content provider, Oxford University Press receives requests from leading global technology companies for multilingual dictionary content. We provide this content in a format that OUP’s data team has tailor-made for technology engineers. This means that your content can be made easily accessible to a worldwide audience.

It is a great pleasure to work with OGLS… Their expertise is very useful in dealing with the content.
Akademiai Kiado, Hungary


Language tools and services developers are increasingly making Oxford Global Language Solutions their first port of call to fulfil their content needs. In order to meet this growing demand, we are seeking to acquire rights in lexical content in multiple languages, including monolingual, bilingual, and synonym dictionaries, and morphology.

The OGLS project team we have been working with have provided excellent support throughout the first stage of the project.
Softpress, Bulgaria

Marketing to a worldwide audience

Your interests will be represented by OUP’s global licensing team – headquartered in New York and Oxford – with access to OUP’s offices and representatives in more than 100 countries around the world. OUP’s status as a global company with a highly esteemed brand means it has strong relationships with major worldwide technology companies.

Technology companies

We offer the most comprehensive, up-to-date, market leading multilingual language content from the most reputable worldwide dictionary brands, all of which have been identified and approved by OUP.
This content is customized by us into one common data structure allowing technology companies to integrate it smoothly into their products and services. We can help technology companies improve their existing services, while also helping them to create new products. In addition, we assist technology companies in their research and development.


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