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We can provide a wide variety of English language content from Oxford University Press

Oxford publishes a wide variety of English language dictionaries and holds a vast bank of English language data to support our research and the development of our publications. These resources form the Semantic English Language Database (SELD), which is available for licensing in full or as a subset to meet your requirements.

Our ongoing language research programme, identifying the latest new words and language trends around the English-speaking world, is based on the 2-billion-word Oxford English Corpus and allows us to provide regular updates to all of our English language products.

As world leaders in English language research and publishing, and by being at the cutting edge of language technology and innovation, we are certain to be able to help you define and meet your English language data needs.

Semantic English Language Database (SELD)

SELD comprises all of our English language resources under one licensable product. Your Global Business Development contact can help you determine which elements will meet your data needs.

The core SELD product comprises our largest single-volume US and UK dictionaries – the Oxford Dictionary of English (ODE) and the New Oxford American Dictionary (NOAD). It also includes our largest thesauruses, the Oxford Thesaurus of English and Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus. You can find more information about these and our other titles on the Oxford University Press website.

These datasets can be enhanced with a variety of additional features:

  • Full IPA phonetics (extending the partial IPA or respell information included in the print dictionaries)
  • Oxford Soundbank: 150,000 spoken word recordings of the most important words in English that demonstrate standard British and American pronunciations.
  • Sense-level linking between US and UK English dictionaries
  • Universalised homographs, allowing us to provide a merged US and UK English dataset with dictionary elements in sequence.
  • Linked US and UK dictionary and thesaurus datasets
  • Truncated definitions: shortened versions of definitions for results panel or mouseover displays
  • Full sets of inflections to support lookup, tagged at sense level
  • Oxford Sentence Dictionary: a vast, sense-linked databank of 1.9 million sentences of real English, based on ODE and NOAD. 90,000 headwords and 200,000 senses can be enhanced by up to 20 example sentences.
  • Subject classification labels at the word or sense level. Answers the question “what is a piece of text containing this word about?”
  • Semantic classification for lower-case words or senses (nouns) according to their meaning. Answers the question “what kind of thing is this” for uncapitalized nouns.
  • Encyclopedic classification for upper-case words or senses (proper nouns) according to their meaning. Answers the question “what kind of thing is this” for capitalized nouns.

We can also license the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), our flagship historical dictionary containing over 600,000 headwords, as well as the Shorter OED, Concise OED, and other smaller dictionaries in our print range.

Other English language resources

  • General English Lexicon (GEL): this vast dataset collates word forms from ODE, NOAD and the OED into one data model, featuring extensive metadata, links to historical spelling variants and inflections, and historical frequency by decade from 1750 to 2010.
  •  Oxford Reference Dictionaries: Over 100 different subject reference dictionaries offer a wealth of essential information for teachers, students, and interested amateurs.

Bilingual Dictionaries

Many of Oxford’s world-leading bilingual dictionaries can be licensed through the OGLS programme. Details of these are included in the Our Content section of this website and on the OUP website.


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