What Oxford Global Language Solutions offers

We provide customers with the most comprehensive, up-to-date, market-leading multilingual language content. This content is sourced from the most reputable worldwide dictionary brands, all of which have been validated by Oxford University Press (OUP).

All of our lexical content conforms to a standard XML data structure, which provides rich and thorough tagging, and enables the data to be exploited across multiple platforms and products.

Benefits of becoming an Oxford Global Language Solutions customer

Our customers can source all of their language content from one partner meeting their requirements with minimal adaptations. In addition, we provide comprehensive support throughout the data acquisition process, as well as maintenance and updates for the life of our licensing agreements.


As a result of our years of experience working with leading global technology companies, our high-quality linguistic data is used to enhance a wide variety of products, from ereaders to operating systems and search engines. The reputation of the Oxford brand and our ability to provide tailored solutions has ensured that we remain the only port of call for our technology company partners.

Varied content types

For all the languages covered by Oxford Global Language Solutions, we can offer:

  • Monolingual language content: minimum 30,000 defined terms
  • Bilingual language content: minimum 20,000 translated terms per language
  • Synonym language content: minimum 8,000 entries
  • Children’s language content
  • General and domain-specific wordlists
  • Linked inflections: inflected forms linked to monolingual or bilingual dictionary data
  • Human sound files
  • Hyphenation information
  • Other customized language-related content as required

Guaranteed quality


A partnership with Oxford Global Language Solutions guarantees that the language content you require meets OUP’s content quality standards, while providing a single point of contact for multiple languages.

Our highly experienced Global Business Development team works closely with you to identify your language data needs and find a tailored solution.


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